Please reserve a room for yourself. Here are the two hotels closest to the Workshop venue, both with rooms reserved by us in advance. Both hotels are within a walking distance to the Workshop venue.

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you can check out Hostel Academica. Another option - although not quite as cheap - is Hotel Helka. Both are situated in Helsinki city center, 15-20 minutes away (by bus) from the Workshop venue. A one-way bus ticket between Helsinki and Espoo currently costs 3 euros.


Hotel Tapiola Garden, Tapiola, Espoo (select "Espoo" from the left side menu)

Booking code: "CAVE 03"

15 single rooms & 15 double rooms available from 26.8. to 31.8.2003 at least

Single room: 131 €/night (mon-thu), 77 €/night (fri-sun)

Double room: 169 €/night (mon-thu), 92 €/night (fri-sun)

Reservations (25.7.2003 at the latest!): email:

or tel. +358 20 1234 600, fax. +358 20 1234 646


Radisson SAS, Otaniemi, Espoo

Booking code: "CAVE"

7 (Superior class) rooms with twin beds available from 26.8. to 30.8.2003 at least

Single room: 150 €/night (tue-fri), 85 €/night (fri-sat)

Double room: 165 €/night (tue-fri), 105 €/night (fri-sat)

Prices include "Super Breakfast" buffet breakfast and sauna.

Reservations (4.8.2003 at the latest!): email:

or tel. +358 20 1234 700, fax: +358 20 1234 740


Here is a map indicating the location of the workshop venue, Tietotalo (the computer science building), at the Otaniemi campus area. To get a bigger picture, check out the Tourist Map of Helsinki.

[NEW 21.8.2003] A maps and timetables leaflet (3830 kB, PDF) is now available. You will receive a printed copy of this at the workshop.

[NEW 6.5.03] A more detailed map of Otaniemi - Tapiola area (Tietotalo marked with number 15 on map).

[NEW 6.5.03] Instructions on getting to Otaniemi from Helsinki.
[NEW 26.6.03] Please note, that due to construction work at Kamppi bus station the terminal points have been reorganized!

[NEW 4.7.03] An aerial picture of Otaniemi campus area (Tietotalo is located just outside the left edge of picture).

Page updated: August 21, 2003 by Seppo Äyräväinen.