EVE Visual


During the first phase of constructing the EVE we evaluated and examined several possible projectors from BARCO, Electro-Home, AmPro, JVC, and Sony, but settled for the BARCO 1209s projector with P43 fast phosphor option. The BARCO projector, while the most expensive, had the best overall configurability, best resolution (2500x2000 pixels true resolution), and RGB bandwidth (120 MHz) at a decent price point. Also, it was quiet and had a decent remote controller. The BARCO projector was also a choice of other VE installations, and thus known to work well in such places.

When the added the rest of the 4 projectors to the EVE, we had to re-evaluate the projectors on the market. After testing both Barco and ElectroHome projectors, we chose the latter, since it offered essentially the same performance with a considerably lower price. We also tested the projectors with normal phosphors, since they would have brought the price point even lower, but they did not meet our requirements for the stereo projection. So, currently we have 4 ElectroHome Marquee 8500 LC Ultra projectors.

Screen and Frame

The screen material chosen was a soft canvas, Harkness Polacoat, color grey. The frame material is unpainted aluminum. The DC magnetic tracking system already in use (Ascension MotionStar) is not affected significantly by the aluminium frame.


We also required a seamless canvas, which seriously limited the number of providers available, as very few manufacturers have the capability of producing 2.8 m wide seamless back-projection screen.


The floor is made of painted wood, with a 2x2" support structure in a 40 cm grid underneath the 10 mm wood. The floor is raised from the ground by approximately 60 mm, of which 50 mm empty space is filled with rock wool to provide acoustic dampening. Also a small ramp has been added to the entrance of the EVE.